How to: Publish your local website on the internet

For this particular issue, you need 3 things;

1. A virtual domain address for your physical ip address (you can get one from

2. Published web site over the local IIS. (You need the local port number that your website publishing on.)

3. A router which has port forwarding option.


Here is the steps that you have to follow;

  1. Open your router’s port forwarding section;
  2. Lets assume that,

    Your virtual domain name is:
    Physical port that you want to reach your website over is: 1111

    Local ip address of the machine that you published your website over the local iis of it is:
    And local ip address of your website: 1234

  3. This is the configuration set that you have to follow,

So what does it means ?

That means, for any request that going to your domain name with port number 1111, is going to be forward to 1234 port of the local machine which has the local ip

Lets try,

Attention: You have to do this trial with another internet connection which has not the same physical ip address with your own connection.


  1. Open your web browser,
  2. And type (figuratively);

  3. You will see the web site that you published from your local iis.