How to: Publish your own NopCommerce E-Commerce Website

First of all, you have to meet NopCommerce if you could’nt meet yet.

You just need to check this official front page of the, here.

Now you know enough information for examine the further steps.

Let’s move on…


Step 1: Install NopCommerce (from source code with Visual Studio 2013)

Actually, you have more than one options to install NopCommerce Web Application. If you want to try another way, you can check this page.

In this step, we will download the source code of the NopCommerce Web Application. (Open Source rocks!)

Now you may feel free to make any changes and customizations in this web application. We will get there, but before that;

Step 1.1: Rebuild all projects in the solution.

Step 1.2: Right Click on Nop.Web project and Publish it.

Now you are ready to make some system administration tricks… Let’s do it.


If you can’t publish the Nop.Web project because of the permission errors,

– You have to unblock all blocked .dll files. You may find blocked .dll files from Error window of the Visual Studio. You have to unblock all .dll files until you don’t receive any errors.


Step 2: You have something to publish on IIS now, let’s make it true.

Step 2.1: Open IIS Manager,

Step 2.2: Create new Site,

Step 2.3: Select the location of nopCommerce directory that you just published from VS 2013 as physical path of your website.

Step 2.4: Define a non-taken port for your website

Step 2.5: You can also define an imaginary host name for your web site instead of ‘localhost’.


Step 3: Reset IIS

Cmd -> iisreset


Step 4: Try to browse your website from IIS 

In IIS Manager,

Step 4.1: Expand Sites

Step 4.2: Find your website that you just added.

Step 4.3: Right Click -> Manage WebSite -> Browse


If you can see the installation/configuration page of the NopCommerce in your browser, you are lucky.

If you can’t, go on with Error Fix;

Error Fix: You probably got an error which includes those keywords; Modules, Permissions etc. You are not alone. Keep reading from this page, solution 2 will works for you. And then turn back here.


Step 4.4: Now you will configure your e-commerce website. Fill the required areas.

When you try to install, you probably got another error about permission for a specific user.

Now we will follow these additional steps for fix this problem;

Permission Fix 1: Go to your physical directory -> Right click on physical folder -> Security -> Add the specific user that you just saw on the error message with full control privileges.

Permission Fix 2: Now you have to make similar changes for database users. Connect your database with any authorized user.

Security -> Logins, Add the same user, and select all roles for the user.

Now the user who will make all changes and configurations for your NopCommerce website has full control on your databases and the directory of your website.


Now you can just click the Install button, and you will see your sample E-Commerce website.

At  that very moment, you can make any changes you want in NopCommerce source codes, and publish them in same way as I described above.


So, this is basically how I have done.