Product Overview: Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard & Touchpad

Product Info

Logitech K400

Brand: Logitech

Model: Wireless Touch Keyboard K400

My Opinion:

I can say that, this product is completely different from any other wireless keyboard and mouse combinations. Obviously it is designed for usage on tablet pc’s or smart tv’s. For any other daily usage, this product is a disaster. It is hard to use on personal computers, you have to be familiar with the keyboard layout for daily usage. Could be more useful on laptop computers.

The touch-pad located on the right side of the keyboard. It’s a good thing when you think that it is located at the same place with your external mouse, so you can use it with your right hand easily. Also, the keyboard has a second left click button on the left side of the keyboard. It is designed for ease of use, like; selecting many items with using this button is much easier, etc.

Sensitivity of the keys are perfect! That might be the best specification of the keyboard. You don’t have to push neither too powerful nor too smoothly for typing fast and fluent. Key reactions for your press action have a great balance. Keys are returning the normal level in optimal time. That means, your fingers are not going to stuck between keys, and you are not going to wait for press any other key especially which is already pressed recently.

Notes For Developers:

For the developers who work on high level languages like C# or Java, this keyboard is a nightmare. Just check the position of the “;” character. You have to look out for the up arrow button every time you intended to type an end of line character. I stopped to use this keyboard for coding just because of that. As a second clue; maybe, you will never see any other development keyboard which has the similar layout with this keyboard. So this is so dangerous to try to get familiar with this kind of layout.


Summary: (Points over 10)

Daily Usage on PC’s: 5

Daily Usage on Laptops: 6

Daily Usage on Tablet PC’s: 8

Daily Usage on Smart TV’s: 9

For Developers: 3


User Friendliness  (Keyboard): 6

User Friendliness  (Touch-pad): 8