Product Overview: Sony SmartWatch 2

Watches are the most useful wearable devices for now. Lots of them have sensors and a camera on it.

But, if we are looking for the perfect device which has an optimal price/performance ratio; we have to reduce the requirements, and decrease the functionality.

In this case, you have to ask yourself; “What am I going to do with that device?”.

Are you going to use it as your communication device? Are you going to use it as your notification manager? Or are you going to try to use it as your mobile phone?

Answering this question will define the quality and performance measurements for you about any smartwatch.

Now, let’s get back to the Sony SmartWatch 2.

Here it is.

And the specifications from the official Sony page; here.

First of all, I have to say that It has a style. You are not going to look like a cyborg when you wear it. “:)”

It has a standart radius like all other watches. (That might be a little huge for ladies, fyi)

Its not too big, and not too small for your wrist. Also you can change the wristband with any other standart wristband. This future allows you to re-design this watch as your desires.

The body of the watch comes with two optional colour, black and silver. Also, on the right side of the watch, we have a traditional Sony Xperia power button. It’s a pretty little detail but If you have one of those Xperia SmartPhones, this couple is going to look awesome with each other.

So, lets summarize it.

Cosmetic & Elegance: 8/10

How useful for daily usage: 9/10

Technological satisfaction: 6/10